What we do

Strategic Approach

Tailored productivity and efficiency benefits, fully aligned to your targeted results and your return on investment.

Leading Solution Providers

Portunus and its referral partners deploy proven people, technology and services to deliver and maintain, positive step changes in performance.

20 years' experience

Tells us that the selected solution must fully support the targeted goals of the business and be embraced by those charged with delivering targeted results using it – your people.

Technology and Service Solutions Suppliers needing to increase sales?

Boost sales and market penetration, without increasing your sales force and the associated costs of employment. From ‘day 1’ you will have the services of an organization that is established as a ‘Solutions Broker and Referral Partner’ for multiple technology vendors and service providers.

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Looking to reduce costs, deliver increased efficiencies and customer satisfaction?

Reduce the time and cost of selection, procurement and implementation of the right supply chain solution. Utilizing Portunus’ established links as a Solutions Broker and Referral Partner to multiple technology vendors, service providers and consultants, will streamline the process. Sustainable, improved performance, faster.

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Increase your sales...

If you are a technology and services supplier looking to increase sales, or an organisation striving to further cut costs whilst improving efficiency, productivity and profits? Portunus are here to help you. We specialise in helping customers find solutions to the challenges of multi-modal supply chain operations, including gaining improved reliability and availability of its critical assets. We do this through defining and recommending the right blend of proven technology, skills and work processes needed to meet your specific demands and budget.

Access an exclusive network of referral partners...

Portunus’ network of strong ‘Referral Partners’ and prospects can add another dimension to your business, by reducing the time and cost involved in finding new customers for solution providers; or in helping you to acquire the right supply chain solution to your specific challenges. We align our productivity and efficiency improvement efforts to your strategic business objectives, focussing on delivery of your targeted results and your return on investment. We ensure that all the solutions we propose are cost-justified and will provide secure, measurable benefits.