Portunus Solutions Ltd.

If you are a technology and services supplier looking to increase sales, or an organisation striving to further cut costs whilst improving efficiency, productivity and profits? Portunus are here to help you.

We specialise in helping customers find solutions to the challenges of multi-modal supply chain operations, including gaining improved reliability and availability of its critical assets. We do this through defining and recommending the right blend of proven technology, skills and work processes needed to meet your specific demands and budget.

Portunus’ network of strong ‘Referral Partners’ and prospects can add another dimension to your business, by reducing the time and cost involved in finding new customers for solution providers; or in helping you to acquire the right supply chain solution to your specific challenges.


Kevin Hawes

I have established Portunus-Solutions as referral partners to a growing network of leading technology, consulting and service providers. Linking reliable supply with qualified demand.

Since the early 90’s my success and experience in the direct sales of Supply Chain Solutions to blue chip organisations internationally, preceded by sales of Advanced Maintenance Solutions in the UK, has resulted in a well-rounded knowledge of supply chain operations, the challenges faced (Strategic, tactical and operational) and importantly – the potential solutions.

My determination to speed the delivery of cost effective solutions to the market, can only drive both improved sales revenue for a client solution vendor and accelerate the identification and acquisition of the technology and services needed to improve business performance sought by a prospective end user.

Whichever side of the equation you fall on I encourage you to contact me through Linkedin – I will respond appropriately in the spirit of win-win.