Looking to reduce costs, deliver increased efficiencies and customer satisfaction?

Reduce the time and cost of selection, procurement and implementation of the right supply chain solution. Utilizing Portunus’ established links as a Solutions Broker and Referral Partner to multiple technology vendors, service providers and consultants, will streamline the process. Sustainable, improved performance, faster.
Improved planning, scheduling and optimization of your supply chain, along with improved operation of your critical facilities, can increase throughput, capacity, profitability and reduce costs. We can also show you how the application of an ‘Intelligent’, pro-active maintenance approach will measurably improve the reliability and availability of your critical supply chain assets – Predict and Prevent rather than fix and pay.
We align our productivity and efficiency improvement efforts to your strategic business objectives, focussing on delivery of your targeted results and your return on investment. We ensure that all the solutions we propose are cost-justified and will provide secure, measurable benefits.

  • Efficiency – Reduce time and costs from better planning, scheduling and optimization of supply chain and critical facility operations.
  • Best Fit – Use Portunus for guided access to a referral network of leading solution providers in the supply chain / facility optimization. From initial requirement assessment, consulting, technology and service acquisition, in a phased, stepped approach.
  • Reliability – Increased through life reliability and availability of critical assets through application of an ‘Intelligent’, cost effective maintenance approach. From initial maintenance assessment, consulting, technology and/or service acquisition in a phased, stepped approach.
  • Your Objectives – Productivity and efficiency improvements are always aligned to the client’s strategic business objectives
  • Secure Investment – All solutions proposed are cost justified against robust business cases and can be demonstrated to provide secure and measurable benefits.
  • ROI – A focus on delivery of targeted results and return on investment is paramount to Portunus – for customer satisfaction and our future growth.